Welcome to the home page of the EU-NMR-An project


The EU-NMR-An project is funded by the EU 7th Framwork EURATOM Programme as a coordination and support action “EU-NMR-An - Towards a European Competence Centre for Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) on Actinides“.



Members of the NMR expert round table at their kick-off meeting in October 2009, from left to right: Ian FARNAN (University of Cambridge, UK), Herman CHO, (Pacific Northwest Laboratories, USA), Jean F. DESREUX (University of Liège, BE), Daniel MEYER (CEA, FR), Andreas GEIST (KIT-INE, DE), Melissa A. DENECKE, (KIT-INE, DE), Zoltán SZABÓ (KTH, SE), Joe SOMERS (JRC-ITU, EU).


Following the EU-NMR-An project a new  coordination and support action of Euratom Framework 7, the EURACT-NMR project is established to provide access to the Karlsruhe Actinide NMR Centre of Excellence with state-of-the-art nuclear magnetic resonance facilities at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Institute for Nuclear Waste Disposal and the European Commission Joint Research Centre - Institute for Transuranium Elements where two spectrometers have been adapted to allow advanced nuclear magnetic resonance experiments on radioactive solid and liquid materials.